Do you want to be a student tutor?

Thank you for your interest in being a student tutor and enthusiasm in sharing with the international students coming to the USM. Please review the exclusionary requirements detailed below and then postulate:

  • Sincere interest. You must be really motivated to know another culture and host in Chile (It is not necessary to have gone from exchange)
  • To be here. You must be present at the university for various activities (eg personal interviews, briefings, and orientation day).
  • Third year or more. You must be a student of higher education.
  • Languages. You must have an intermediate level of English and ideally handle some other language.
  • Extra Plus. For tutors in the central house, being a resident of the Valparaiso Region is desirable, but not required.
  • New friends. In addition to making friends with foreign students, you will meet other Sansanos tutors who have the same cultural interests as you.
  • FAE. Tutors may receive FAE (Factor of Extracurricular Activities), depending on the evaluation of their performance.
  • Value to the curriculum. Being a guardian implies responsibility, seriousness, interpersonal skills, and much more.