Courses Taught in English

We know the struggle of adapting to a new culture and a language, therefore we offer some courses taught in English to help you with the study plan at our Casa Central in Valparaíso.

  • HFW137 Chilean Identity
  • HFW138 Latin American Development
  • HFW139 Precolumbian Civilizations
  • ICN321 (Paralelo 3) Marketing
  • ICN337 (Paralelo 3) Project Control and Development
  • ICS832 (Paralelo 1) Enviroment and Natural Resources Economy and Management
  • ICS859 Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: The Chilean Perspectiva
  • ICQ 382 (Paralelo 1) Specific Projects
  • IMQ 391 (Paralelo 1) Environmental Specific Projects

A minimum quota must be me met in order to offer the courses.

If you are interested in one or more of these courses, please visit our Academic Offering.