International Student Energy Summit 2019

26 · noviembre · 2018

Student Energy, a global charity representing a movement of 50,000 youth in 130 countries, and  Imperial College London invite you to pre-register for their International Student Energy Summit 2019 (SES 2019), the largest student-led energy summit in the world, with 650 students from over 100 countries coming together.

The aim of the event is to gather passionate students - both undergraduates and postgraduates - from every academic field and corner of the world, seeking to create a more sustainable energy future. You can watch the video here to have a better understanding of the vision for the Summit.

The upcoming Summit will take place 17-20 July 2019 in London, UK. They will be bringing in top international speakers - such as Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency.

Preregistrations to attend the Summit are open. If students pre-register the team will then be in touch with next steps.  "We offer a wide array of bursaries and scholarships to make it possible for students to attend, but they must pre-register to be eligible."

Questions: Meredith Adler <>

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