Prácticas en Mauá, Brasil

6 · mayo · 2016

Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia – IMT (Maua Institute of Technology) has inaugurated a Program for Research Internship in the campus located in S. Caetano do Sul, Sao Paulo Brazil. The Program is directed to currently students enrolled in Universities out of Brazil. Students can choose between one or two months internship in the IMT research laboratories and projects, starting in August every year. Students will work under the supervision of Researchers and Professors. The working language will be English. International students will be able to speak English on campus and in the laboratories, although Spanish can also be used for communication and Portuguese is the official spoken language in Brazil. The workload will be between 20 and 40 hours a week during 4 to 8 weeks internship period. Internship will be at the Following Research Labs and Projects   Interesados pueden postular directamente al Instituto Mauá hasta el 15 de May, 2016. Mas información:

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