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22 · mayo · 2018

We are looking for undergraduate and postgraduate students from different areas. Come do your internship with Latin American leaders in Engineering, Science and Technology. If you are planning to come as an exchange student under our wide list of bilateral agreements or coming to the USM as an independent student, you can certainly add research to your experience. 

Founded in 1931, the USM is recognized as one of Latin America's best universities for its scientific and technological excellence. In 2017 the Times Higher Education (THE), ranked the USM #1 in Latin America and #1 in Chile by subject. Scimago Institution Ranking (SIR 2017) ranked USM#1 in Chile and Latin America by Citation Index. The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) Shanghai ranked us 1st in Electrical and Electronical Engineering and Automation and Control.


Internship Offering

- Architecture (Valparaiso)
World heritage sites, Preservation, Low Cost Energy Building Conditioninig

- Business Administration (Santiago and Valparaiso)
Social Policy, Economics, Social Enterprise, Social Economy and Social Innovation

- Electrical Eng. (Santiago and Valparaiso)
Electric vehicles, Micronet and Optimization

- Physics (Valparaiso)
Experimental Surface Science and Nanotechnology

- Informatics (Santiago and Valparaiso)
Software architecture, AI, Automatization, Data Science, Metaheuristics, Evolutive Computation, Optimization, Online Communities and Human-centered design

- Mathematics (Valparaiso)
Applied Mathematics, Control and Optimization

- Mechanics (Valparaiso)
Nanoconfined flow atomistic simulation

- Metallurgy and Materials (Santiago)
Mining seismicity and Geostatistics


The offer is updated each semester, check here for more details.


- Language: Spanish (B1), English (B1) or other according to the offering academic department or laboratory
- Academic background: Undergraduate or postgraduate students depending on academic department or laboratory needs. Check each offer here 

Submit your online application.

First Semester (March-July): apply September of previous year
Second Semester (August-December): apply March of the same year

More information?
T: +56 32 2654599

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